Eugene Ekkelboom 7x WMC World Champion

Coach - Ekkelboom Muay Thai


Eugene 'Boom Boom' Ekkelboom started Muay Thai at 21 years old. He was heavily involved in motorcross at the time but wanted to improve his fitness so decided to join a Muay Thai gym. He had his first fight and then quickly ascended up the ranks to became one of Australia's top fighters. He racked up 68 fights in 12 years also winning the prestigious WMC belt (World Muay Thai Council) and managing to defend it 6 times.


After achieving his career goal of fighting John Wayne Parr in the Eastern States Eugene retired at the age 33 to take up teaching in the hopes to pass his knowledge and experience to the next generation of fighters. He teamed up with Ile Petkovski at Fierce Fighting & Fitness Academy in 2015 and now runs 'Ekkelboom Muay Thai' out of Fierce.